The International School in Denmark

Application for The International Department (The Little House)

There are waiting lists for all the school's current and future classes. Enlisting is done by filling in the online form. Once the form is completed and sent, you can download a copy for your own documentation. Thereafter please pay the fee, 250 kr. for admission to the waiting list, as indicated on the form. Note that it is a prerequisite that we receive CPR numbers for both child/children and parents. We use the CPR number to make sure that we always have the correct address that we need if admission to the school becomes possible. The submission on our waiting list is effective from the day the fee is received and the waiting list seniority starts on the date shown on the form (the day the form was filled out). If you cannot use the form, enlisting can also be done by personal contact with the school secretary during the opening hours. NOTE: Do not send applications via e-mail!


Information handling

The submitted personal data is used solely for an internally administered waiting list, in a secured format (encrypted). Only the person in charge of the waiting list has access to the information. When the information is no longer relevant or when the data owner requests it, they will be deleted according to the current GDPR rules.